I've been a content director for the some of the biggest custom-media and content-marketing houses in the country, including McMurry/TMG, Active Interest Media and Modern Luxury Media.


Through these roles, I've become an award-winning storyteller and content creator for a range of clients, including Hilton Worldwide, Pitney Bowes, Modern Luxury Media, Active Interest Media, the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority and Thrivent Financial. I've also helped clients launch a range of content-marketing and branding initiatives.  

I have three kids, two VW-size dogs, a rabbit named Oliver, 50,000 honeybees (yes, I'm a full-fledged beekeeper), an Irish football club and a truly understanding wife. Well, beyond understanding. Saintly, even.

Reach Out

Send me an email at FairfaxIrishFootball@gmail.com, or call 202.531.4337