award-winning vision.

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Client Engagements.

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Sure, I've worked with large companies like Hilton Worldwide, Thrivent Financial, ABC-Disney and Singapore Airlines. But I also love working with local brands and building smart content-marketing campaigns that create new business and build community. After all, some of the best stories are the ones that have never been told. 

Dynamic Video. 

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I love this stat: Within five years, 80% of all Internet traffic will be moving pictures. Yes, video is becoming the king of brand storytelling. I've produced hundreds of hours of content for brands over the past five years, working with some of the best videographers in the Mid-Atlantic.

Producer of luxury fashion and branding films

Wolf Trap Foundation, showcasing national parks in Southern Florida

Tourism Thailand + Four Seasons Thailand

Travel Portland

I wrote the script and did the editing, but my girls did the narration — a great collaboration!

I asked the great Doc Nix and the Green Machine to pile onto a CUE bus. Madness ensues. (Wrote, directed, produced and narrated.)