No Spin, Just great Storytelling

First and foremost, I'm a storyteller through a range a media. I also help assemble teams of creators and strategists to assess a company’s DNA, create stunning content and build audience. 


Brand Assessment

Establish Objectives

Media Planning + Content Calendar


Digital Strategy

Performance Metrics


Strategy & Building Blocks

You wouldn’t take a trip without a plan, right? Same thing applies to your marketing strategy. My whiteboard workshop with your team helps better define your brand, your audience segments and how to build content across a range of media channels.


Editorial and Advertising Campaigns

Copywriting + Scriptwriting 

Media Management + Outreach

Social Media + Marketing

Media Planning + Buying

Voiceover + Radio Production


Storytelling & Brand-Building

This is where my experience as a storyteller shines. I create content marketing and public-relations platforms that are completely unique to your business—your BrandStory. 

From there, I help produce award-winning digital, print, advertising and video campaigns. And everything I create for your company will define your brand, inspire action, establish loyalty and build community.


Print & Digital Design

Photography + Video 

Video Storyboarding + Production

Photo-Session Management

Advertising Creation + Design



Design & Visual Identity

We live in a visual world. If the images don’t move us, the words mean nothing. The key is making words and images sing. Since I have more than 20 years of experience, think of me as your brand’s own editor-in-chief in a box. I can managing large-scale brand and media campaigns and make them the aesthetic equivalent of a world’s greatest rock anthem (yep, I'm big on music metaphors).


Audience Development

Data Analytics 

Segment Targeting

Brand Auditing

ROI Benchmarking

Audience Development

Every story and marketing move needs an audience—and every audience is typically splintered into different segments you need to reach. I hellp target those segments with distinct messages and then, through brand audits and data assessment, figure out what’s working and what needs tweaking.